AKB 2080

The Akebu-lan Chronicles

Welcome to the world of Akebu-lan. Five remarkable stories that transport the listener to Africa circa 2080.
But this is not Africa as we know it, this is African futurism from an alternative Africa. An Africa that was never decimated by the slave trade and modern colonialism, an Africa with a very different history, an Africa that was the master of its own destiny. This is Akebu-lan. 
This multi-part anthology series, presented by a renowned Akebu-lan investigative journalist for AKB World News, the chronicles are a selection of extraordinary Akebu-lan experiences as told by the people themselves. Ranging from a police detective, an A.I. psychologist, a time-traveller, an agro-scientist, and more, each compelling story illuminates East nor West; fascinating aspects of life in Akebu-lan and the challenges these individuals —Kwame Nkrumah have faced and overcome.
Series Creators / Co-Producers 
Tendeka Matatu 
Tendeka Matatu is an African Film &
TV producer and founder of the award- winning production company Ten10 Films 
Jeremy Nathan 
Jeremy has produced award-winning feature films, TV series, documentaries and short films, and written and lectured widely on producing film in Africa.
Ivor W. Hartmann 
Zimbabwean award-winning writer, editor, and publisher, he runs the StoryTime micro-press publisher of the acclaimed AfroSF series of anthologies.
The Akebu-lan Chronicles are adapted from original stories commissioned specially for Storyglass by African writers, screenwriters and novelists including, Dilman Dila, Gavin Chait, Rafeeat Aliyu, Imraan Coovadia, Andrew C. Dakalira, Ayodele Arigbabu, A. Igoni Barrett.

Expected release date March 2020


Reviews are forthcoming for AKB 2080


EXECUTIVE PRODUCER(S) : Robert Delamere, Sarah Doole
PRODUCER : Ben Walker
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