Kill the Beast’s anarchic new comedy series Who Exploded Vivien Stone? wraps a murder mystery in a warped cinematic nightmare. Set on a troubled film set where – in the wake of a tragedy – the genre, cast and central vision are all up for grabs, the creative team must survive a killer on the loose who intends to make a few more brutal cuts. Who Exploded Vivien Stone? is a fast-paced, relentless adventure of shock headlines, shoot deadlines and film studio mayhem. 

Kill the Beast are multi-award-winning comedy writers and performers who, since their formation in 2012, have created four critically-acclaimed live shows all of which have toured to sell-out audiences throughout the UK. Through these celebrated shows the company have created their own unforgettable brand of exciting, original comedy and are fast building a reputation in the industry as leading comic innovators. Kill the Beast are writers and performers David Cumming, Clem Garritty, Natasha Hodgson, Ollie Jones and Zoe Roberts.
In late 2018 Kill the Beast released their first podcast – the critically acclaimed Eglantine Whitechapel: Supernatural Detective. The madcap comedy ensemble return to the fray with an eight-part podcast series featuring dozens of characters, multiple-film sets, an alarming body-count and an Oscar-winning chimpanzee.

PERFORMERS: David Cumming, Natasha Hodgson, Ollie Jones, Zoe Roberts, Clem Garritty


‘Masters of comedy horror.’

Time Out

‘Masters of comedy horror.’

Time Out

‘From Kill the Beast theatre company, this comedy-horror drama is packed with excellent comic actors and a daft concept explored to its nth degree. Vivien Stone is – was – a Hollywood actor who was once, says the blurb, “all over the silver screen. Now she’s all over the wall.” Set on a film set in 1973, with requisite time-warp cast, is the murderer still on the loose? (Yes.) Packed with awful puns, the show’s high jokes-per-minute ratio batters you into laughter. All eight episodes have been released at once, so this one’s ripe for bingeing.’

Miranda Sawyer The Observer


WRITER : Kill the Beast
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER(S) : Robert Delamere, Sarah Doole
PRODUCER : Ben Walker
MUSIC : David Cumming/Felix Hagan
LYRICS : Kill the Beast
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